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The Aria Smartwatch Clip brings Gesture Control to Android Wear

Aria Smartwatch Clips add Gesture Control to Wearables The Aria is discrete add-on that clips onto a smartwatch band to add gesture control to Android Wear and Pebble Time watches. Created by Deus Ex Technology, Aria allows users to direct their smartwatch by simply moving their fingers in the air. The innovative clip works like a […]


Google Updates Android Wear with Gestures to Match Apple Watch

  The update (which will be available for download through a simple software update screen) will be available soon. One of the key plans is to stop using Bluetooth tethering as a connection method. Future watch users will have appropriate Wi-Fi drivers built in, including the Sony Smartwatch 3 (that has already been released), giving […]


5 Apple Watch Alternatives Available now and Cheaper

Apple’s new Smartwatch, Apple Watch, will soon be available in the Tech Giants redesigned stores. With all the excitement around the product, consumers the world over will be deciding whether to add the Cupertino’s Tech Giant’s newest pet to the ever extending iCollection. While apple has always excelled even in markets it was a later entrant, […]

Sony SmartWatch 3 Classic - Black

Sony SmartWatch 3 Classic – Black

Sony SmartWatch 3 Classic – State of the Art SmartWatch Technology Powered by Android Wear The Sony SmartWatch 3 Classic is a state-of-the-art timepiece merged with a life-logging accessory powered by Android Wear. This device provides you information as you move, feeding notifications and updates direct from your smartphone.  Via the Lifelog app, you will be aware if a call, […]