Google Updates Android Wear with Gestures to Match Apple Watch


The update (which will be available for download through a simple software update screen) will be available soon. One of the key plans is to stop using Bluetooth tethering as a connection method.

Future watch users will have appropriate Wi-Fi drivers built in, including the Sony Smartwatch 3 (that has already been released), giving them the ability to access the internet without using a phone. Also, it will give remote controls to an Android smartphone, enabling the watches to get notifications, send messages and use apps.

Google Android Wear Gestures Update

As this is an idea that’s already available to Apple Watch users, we’re reminding you here that their watches can only connect to the same Wi-Fi network as the iPhone.

The new menu system is designed to access most apps and contacts faster without using voice controls.

Google is also adding quick access to smart watch’s apps, with three homescreens. You will get to swipe from left to right, instead of the ‘old’, long list. The first will have apps, the second one contacts and the third one will have Google’s voice search by default.

Android Wear Update

The Wear watches will also light up when the wrist is rotated towards the user’s face, which was another idea taken from Apple Watch. Long story short, both apps and the watch faces will fade in order to save the battery.

Google has also added a gesture control that navigates between cards easier and without the need to swipe or even touch the watch. Also, they’ve added an ability to draw emojis in order to reply to messages faster, which is surely a cool feature!


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