5 Apple Watch Alternatives Available now and Cheaper

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Apple’s new Smartwatch, Apple Watch, will soon be available in the Tech Giants redesigned stores. With all the excitement around the product, consumers the world over will be deciding whether to add the Cupertino’s Tech Giant’s newest pet to the ever extending iCollection. While apple has always excelled even in markets it was a later entrant, will the Apple Watch be the next hot seller next to the iPod, iPhone, and iPad for Apple?

Below we take a look at some Apple Watch Alternatives that are available right now and that give the Apple’s Smartwatch a run for its money.

Smartwatches have been around since  since 1972, and the popularity of wearable technology had already been on the rise in the last few years courtesy of Android Wear, Google’s wearable tech friendly OS.

5 Apple Watch Alternatives:

So if you’re waiting for that Apple Watch to land on your wrist, or still unsure on whether or not to splash out your hard earned earned money on one because of the Apple Watch price, it might help and turn out best if you consider these Apple Watch Alternatives:

Sony SmartWatch 3 Classic - Black

Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony’s Smartwatch 3 – the only Android Wear that has GPS connectivity (a missing feature in Apple Watch) is their first venture into Google’s world of wearable.  This is welcome news for runners and fitness enthusiats; it accurately tracks the distances covered without having to sync it with a smartphone.  The reason why Christy Turlington Burns had an iPhone with her during Apple Watch’s extravagant marathon promo.

It may not be the best looking smartwatch on the market, but Sony’s inclusion of the all-important GPS plus that compelling price tag makes it one of the most attractive Apple Watch Alternatives. But of course, you need an Android phone to go with SmartWatch3.

 Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin is using its own platform for its first attempt at a smartwatch venture. The Vivoactive is a combination of sports tracking, notifications, and updates from a synced smartphone. The more popular sports like running, biking, swimming and even golf are supported, so obviously that means Vivoactive’s priority is a multi-sport tracker first and a smartwatch second.

However; with Garmin’s recent announcement of an open-source app platform, the addition of a wide range of services in the coming days will make this another of the Apple Watch Alternatives to consider.

Garmin Vivoactive syncs with Android and iOS, and will be on sale beginning this month.

LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R

LG caught everybody by surprise with the release of its second Android Wear device in as little as three months and added a third more with the more unisex LG Watch Urbane.  With its 410mAh battery which offers two days battery life between charges – it presents itself better that an all-day battery life for Apple Watch.

Although the price is a bit high for an Android Wear Smartwatch without a built-in GPS, it is still one the best Apple Watch Alternatives on the market.  But like Sony’s SmartWatch 3, you need to have an Android phone to get the G Watch R working to its full potential.

Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S

A raging battle is on between Apple and Samsung and the end is nowhere in sight.  Samsung drew first blood in the smartwatch battle by opening a floodgate of feature packed wearables into the market.  Noteworthy is the Gear S, a wrist mobile phone with SIM card slot and 3G connectivity.  It may not be popular with all users, but that feature is available.

Connectivity gives you freedom, like when you’re deep into a physical activity but still want to get those messages; surely it’s a very nice feature.  Which makes Samsung’s Gear S another of the already available and established Apple Watch Alternatives on the market. 

Pebble Time


Pebble Time

Kickstarter’s baby, and the geek’s smartwatch of choice – the Pebble is now better than ever. The smartwatch features all the things that people loved, long battery life, a multitude of apps, cross-platform smartphone compatibility and, of course, an affordable price tag.

Still, it can benefit from some needed improvements but remains the leading Smartwatch in Apple Watch Alternatives. Timeline, Pebble’s new OS will systematize reminders, news, apps, alerts, alarms, and messages chronologically.

These Apple Watch Alternatives are readily available on the smartwatch market and their unique functions and lower pricing means that the Apple Watch will not have it all its on way.

-Convinced? Or would you still rather have one of the Apple Watch models? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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